The Special Workshop “Applications on Flow Cytometry” was a big success with an outstanding participation of the scientific community.


On Wednesday the 17th, the Special workshop “Applications on Flow Cytometry” was held with great success at Fundación Ciencia & Vida. More than 120 scientists and students from different institutions in Santiago (Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica, UNAB, USACH, ISP) and regions (Universidad Austral, Universidad de Concepción) attended to the conference.

Paz Reyes (PhD), Director of the Cell Sorter and Flow Cytometry Facilities at the Foundation, was very pleased about the discussions and questions raised by the participants. In her own words: “Given the good reception of the workshop it would be interesting, in the near future, to organize a second workshop and engage more researchers to share their experiences in Flow Cytometry and its applications in different areas.”

A detailed description of several of the latest technologies and applications were discussed in detail: BDTM ComBead Compensation System, Absolute cell counting system, BDTM Cytometric Bead Array, Phosphorylated Protein Detection, Single Cell RNA detection, Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, DNA analysis and Calcium Influx. Questions and comments from the participants followed each presentation.

The new system for intracellular RNA detection was one of the highlights of the seminar.

Carolina Salas, BD Applications Specialist and Paz Reyes, gave the workshop talks and took the time to give advices and recommendations to the participants.

Applications on Flow Cytometry