About Us

The BASAL Centro Ciencia & Vida (CCV) is founded on three previous periods of BASAL spanning more than 15 years; from 2008 to 2017 (PFB16), with a three-year extension from 2018 to 2020 (AFB170004), and the bridge project financing the years 2021-2022 (ACE 210003). The continuity plan approved for our Center (CCTE BASAL FB210008, 2021-2026) includes a group of 12 Principal Investigators, 8 from the FCV, and 4 from other national Universities, with 4 of them as new incorporations (33% renewal) and 13 Associated Researchers, mostly young (including 8 new members), providing a healthy renewal of our team and gender balance. Facing this new period, the Center appointed a new Director (Tomas Pérez-Acle), a new Deputy Director (Soledad Matus) and a Manager.

Vision and strategy

We firmly believe that science plays a central role in our social and economic development: it is our gateway to a knowledge-based economy and towards a more equitable society. The scientific excellence of the intramural R&D groups provides credibility to our Center in the global world of high biological technology, both in the academic and bioentrepreneurial fields, allowing productive and open interactions at all levels. In order to position science as one of the key drivers of our society, since our creation, we have adopted a strategy that we call Science 360°: an interdisciplinary approach that allows us to simultaneously address science (R&D groups), as well as education and scientific culture (Advanced Training and Outreach groups) and the business of science (Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, Business and Bio-entrepreneurship groups). In essence, our efforts are based on five pillars:

  • Research and development: fostering discovery through scientific investigation.
  • Advanced training: training scientists for the future.
  • Global Science: building international networks and alliances for Chile’s participation in global science.
  • Entrepreneurship: promoting entrepreneurship based on biology.
  • Outreach: strengthening science education in schools and stimulating awareness and enthusiasm for science in the community.

Following this strategy, the CCV acts as an interface between the productive and academic sectors, collaborating with scientists in Chile and abroad, in the academic, public and industrial sectors, creating new knowledge and promoting its innovative applications to meet the needs of the Modern society.


Since its creation, our Center has pursued the following objectives:

  • Create new knowledge by fostering advanced intramural research
  • Create capacities through the active training of students and advanced human capital
  • Create value through the development of products, technologies and companies based on scientific knowledge that serve the needs of society.
  • Build the framework for innovation based on science and technology by promoting intellectual property and participation in startups
  • Creation of global resources through effective networking with local and international scientists and centers of excellence
  • Build a culture for science and technology through unique outreach programs for opinion leaders and the community at large.
  • Participate in the development of national strategies and policies on science and technology