About Us

Science for Development

Fundación Ciencia & Vida is a private nonprofit institution aimed at improving the social and economic development of Chile through scientific discoveryentrepreneurship and education in the biological sciences.

We have created a unique environment where scientists, entrepreneurs, students and communicators interact promoting scientific knowledge, discovery and development in the life sciences.


Our Vision

We believe that science plays a key role in our social and economic development: Science is our entrance door to a knowledge-based economy and a more equitable society.

In order to position science as one of the key movers of our society we have embraced the concept “Science 360º”, inspiring us to focus simultaneously on:

  • Promoting discovery through scientific research.
  • Training scientists for the future.
  • Building international networks for the participation of Chile in global science.
  • Promoting biology-based entrepreneurship.
  • Strengthening science education in schools and stimulating awareness and excitement about science in the community.


Our Mission

Building Knowledge and Capacities, through scientific research and the training of students and young investigators.

Building Global Networks, through innovative programs of collaboration with local and foreign scientists and entrepreneurs.

Building Value, by developing technologies and products that serve the needs of society.

Building a Science Culture, by stimulating public awareness and understanding of science.