Other International Initiatives

Red Bionova

Get Better Connections With Life Science Experts: Redbionova is a groundbreaking, web-based network that promotes research collaborations in life sciences, emerging medical technologies, and small business entrepreneurship in Chile. We make it easy for you to develop key relationships with groups of companies, investors, and experts and to find the right match for your projects in a simple yet comprehensive way. With functionalities and tools designed to develop projects and promote bioentrepreneurship in Chile, here, you can gain access to tools, training, funding, , mentoring, and networking to help you launch your idea or grow your company



Springer Nature Academies

Nature Academies is a series of workshops we conduct in collaboration by Springer Nature, the publisher of the leading journal Nature. Designed to help researchers and clinicians to better understand clinical research and communicate their data effectively, these programs bring together successful researchers and early-career scientists and equip them with the core skills to successfully write and publish their results in the most influential scientific journals in the world.