International Exchange Program

We firmly believe in global science. Thus, we have established a flexible and dynamic national and international network, through direct connection of our principal investigators and younger associates, with well-known scientists and centers in basic biology and biotechnology. We also draw on Chilean scientists abroad as a key resource in this international network.

University of California in San Francisco – FCV Alliance
To date, more than 200 graduate students and scientists from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) have visited us and actively participated in our scientific meetings and exchange program with UCSF. The goal of this program is to build a sustainable, multifaceted partnership that will serve as a model for scientific interaction across national boundaries with a particular focus on building lasting relationships between young scientists. By focusing on graduate students, it not only targets the group with the most energy and innovative ideas, but also helps amalgamate the next generation of scientific leaders, thereby extending the benefits of the program beyond the foreseeable future.
Chile invita a Chile
One of the activities of our international network is the initiative “Chile invita a Chile” (Chile invites Chile) through which Chilean students, postdocs and professors maintain their connection with our Fundación and with the country.
Science and Friendship
Besides the individual collaborative projects of our researchers, we have the “Science and Friendship” program which holds annual meetings bringing together graduate students and professors from the University of California, San Francisco, with local graduate students and professors. The goal is to establish a sustainable partnership with a particular focus on building long lasting relationships between young scientists of both countries. These networks have enriched tremendously our research, training and extension activities.