Science & Friendship

This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary of our Science & Friendship Program. This program, that started in 2005, have received 35 Professors and more than 200 Graduate Students from UCSF. Among the Faculty that have come to Chile we have the world wide recognized scientists Bruce Alberts, Keith Yamamoto and Peter Walter. This year we have the visit of Dr. Dr. Pamela Munster, Director of the “Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit and Leader of Developmental Therapeutics Program” part of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center in San Francisco, CA. We all met with excitement and the result was a unique opportunity to share and talk about science without intellectual barriers and full of collaborative atmosphere.

The goal of this program is to build a sustainable, multifaceted partnership that will serve as a model for scientific interaction across national boundaries with a particular focus on building lasting relationships between young scientists. By focusing on graduate students, it not only targets the group with most energy and innovative ideas, but also helps amalgamate the next generation of scientific leaders, thereby extending the benefits of the program beyond the foreseeable future.

As a UCSF student said “all participants go away with a sense of belonging in a scientific community, not only of their respective countries, but also of the world. This makes us better scientists for the future”.

Science & Friendship in the Press

  • Science and Friendship—the North Meets the South (PDF)



At the Atacama Large Millimiter Array (ALMA)
UCSF visitors (From Left to Right): William Rutter • Peter Walter • Soledad Matus • Pablo Valenzuela • Patricia Caldera-Muñoz • Bernardita Méndez • Susanna Rosi • Carolina Torrealba • Mitch Ferguson • Mario Rosemblatt • Mauro Costa-Mattiolli • Sebastián Bernales



UCSF visitors: Kelly Crotty • Kelsie Eichel • Courney Bone • Elizabeth Costa • Aaron Mendez • Aylin Goke • Max Horlbeck • Kamena Kostova • Mable Lam • Arda Mizrak • Andrew Murley • Courtney Schroeder • Jordan Tsai • Ariadne Vlahakis • Grace Peng • Sandra Torres • Ngoc-Han Tran • Simón Vidal • Dr. Patricia Caldera • Professor Peter Walter • Professor Jonathan Weissman • Professor Jodi Nunnari • Professor Pamela Munster * Program 2015



Ciencia 360°, Una estrategia para el desarrollo (Science 360°, A strategy to development) was the name that Fundación Ciencia & Vida gave to the celebration of 15 years of progresses in this matter. This explains why 10 renowned lecturers from California, which included experts on biotechnological entrepreneurship, venture capital, education, and public policy on science; along with other highlighted academic scientists, attended this meeting.

Sitting: Bruce Albert, Judy Miner, Marc Shuman, Patricia Caldera, Peter Walter, Regis Kelly, William Rutter, Bernardita Mendez.

Standing: Agustín Huneeus, Susan Desmond-Hellmann, Carolina Torrealba, Mario Rosemblatt, Pablo Valenzuela, Sebastián Bernales.


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USCF visitors: Brittany Jo Belin, Colin Jenilek Dinsmore, David Alejandro Gorczyca, Alex Larson Greninger, Noelle Elizabeth Huskey Mullin, Erica Megan Korb, Linda May Lee, Kathryn Lynn Lovero, Samuel Anthony Myers, Noah Ollikainen, Anna Lorraine Reade, Terry Justin Rettenmaier, Michael Benjamin Schulte, Elizabeth Eugenia Steinberg, Jennifer Simone Wade, Professor Wallace Marshall, Professor Geeta Narlikar, Professor Lewis Lanier * Program 2012


UCSF visitors: Anastasia Henry • Argenta Price • Christopher Baker • Ciara Gallagher • Cole Dovey • Daniele Canzio • Helen Hwang • Ian Foe • Juan Diaz • Laura Lavery • Linet Mera • Margaret Carr • Michael Lopez • Rebecca Maglathlin • Seth Shipman • Will Ludington • William Dowdle • Pankaj Sahai • Charlie Morgan • Professor Hana El-Samad • Professor Bassem Al-Sady • Professor Kevan Shokat * Program 2011


UCSF visitors: Eric Chow • Sheel Dandekar • Sai Duriseti • Eleanor Fraser • Jenniffer Garcia • Brooke Gardner • Lauren Goins • Scott Hansen • Andrew Houck • Jason Huff • Marlisa Khodabaccus • Mark Kunitomi • Stephen Naylor • Jeremy Phillips • David Pincus • Nicole Santos • Will Schachterle • Peter Skewes-Cox • Vanessa Strings • Elizabeth Szyleyko • Mark White • Professor Jeffery Cox • Professor Christine Guthrie • Professor John Abelson • Professor Jim Wells * Program 2010


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UCSF visitors: Alana Lerner • Annabelle Singer • Arthur Robert Millius • Benjamin David Fischer Engel • Christopher M. Brown • Christopher William Cain • Daniel Garcia • Georgette Mona Charles • Han Li • Ian Matthew Harwood • Karin Ann Buser • Lisa Watson • Manisha Ray • Mari Nishino • Matthew Shields Caywood • Paul AndrewTemkin • Philip Ian Merksamer • Sarah Schwartzstein Goodwin • Sarah Virginia Maifeld • Jesse Lyons • Professor Ron Vale • Professor Marc Shuman • Professor Mike Bishop • Professor Peter Walter • Professor Karen Dell * Program 2009


UCSF visitors: Adam Allred • Suzanne Angeli • Joshua Baughman • Karen Betancourt Moreira • Kristin Coan • Trinna L. Cuellar • Molly Rose Darragh • Stacy R. Finkbeiner • Amethyst Gillis • Matthew Good • Kevin Jones • Martin Jonikas • Cynthia Kosinski • Benjamin Myers • Roeben Munji • Heather Newman • Peretz Partensky • Holly Ramage • Lillian Seu • Yaron Sigal • Beatrice Wang • Professor Jack Taunton • Professor Charly Craik • Professor Jim McKerrow • Professor Bob Farese * Program 2008



USCF visitors: Professor Bruce Alberts, Professor Peter Walter, Professor Keith Yamamoto and 15 graduate students * Program 2005