Carolina Torrealba, Former Member of the Board of our Foundation was recently appointed as Deputy Secretary of the new Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation.


Chilean President Sebastián Piñera chose Dr. Andrés Couve and Dr. Carolina Torrealba to lead the new Ministry. Both come from the field of Life Sciences. These nominations suppose new perspective on how to design and shape this new ministry, unveiling a new set of interesting challenges.

According to the Ministry Web page “This Ministry is in charge of advising and collaborating with the President in the design, formulation, coordination, implementation and evaluation of policies, plans and programs aimed at promoting and strengthening science, technology and innovation derived from scientific research”.

Dr. Andrés Couve is a renowned neuroscientist and former director of the Millennium Institute of Biomedical Neuroscience at the University of Chile.

Prior to her appointment, Dr. Carolina Torrealba, was part of the Board of Fundación Ciencia & Vida and Director of Ciencia & Vida Publishing House. More recently she acted as Executive Director of the Milenio Scientific Initiative, a program of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism. Since July 2018 she is also a member of the board of the Chile Foundation, representing the State.

Several representatives of the Foundation attended the appointing ceremony, celebrated at the Government Palace on December 17.