New public outreach TV program co-produced by Fundación and IMAGO launches today


“Exploradores: del átomo al cosmos” (“Explorers: from the atom to the cosmos”) is a new science TV program that invites TV audiences to learn about the research carried out by several Chilean Research Centers working in a diversity of fields such as biomedicine, engineering, psychotherapy and astronomy, among others, with the aim of understanding the real impact of their work in our society and beyond our borders.

The series is being co-produced by Canal 24 hrs and IMAGO, and hosted by the journalist Nicolás Vial. “Exploradores: del átomo al cosmos” will be broadcasted every Wednesday starting November 16, 2016 at 16:30 h, with a second viewing the same day at 22:30 h. In addition, the series will have a Facebook live platform as a way of sharing and interacting with the public.

In its first season the series will show the work of eight scientific centers of excellence as protagonists. Each chapter will portray the director of each center, who will have the opportunity to deepen the work carried out by the institution and contextualize it within the national and international contingency in order to provide citizens with a complete picture of the relevance of the research currently taking place in the country. The series rescues the stories of scientists who, from Chile, perform first-level science, despite the numerous difficulties that sometimes this entails. Also, it is expected to encourage viewers to value Chilean science as an important motor of national development, where men and women with diverse interests make their way in science and for the common good.

The series has the support of Fundación Ciencia & Vida, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography and each one of the centers that participate in it.


“Exploradores: del átomo al cosmos”, a new science TV program co-produced by Canal 24 hrs and IMAGO, will be broadcasted every Wednesday starting November 16.