The ImaginaCiencia team from Fundación Ciencia & Vida was invited by Explora CONICYT to deliver the National Science Week’s keynote address


On Tuesday, October 4th, in a ceremony that drew more than 180 attendees, including high school students, teachers and authorities, the Explora Program of CONICYT launched the National Science Week at the Auditorium of the Library of Santiago. On this important occasion, members of the ImaginaCiencia Program of Fundación Ciencia & Vida were invited by Explora to be the protagonists of the event delivering the keynote address and delighting the audience with one of their original talks.

This year’s topic of the National Science Week is Biomimetics, the study of nature’s processes as an inspiration for the creation of synthetic innovative materials and technologies that mimic natural ones to solve human problems that nature has already solved. The team prepared a presentation addressing this topic combining science and emotion, as is the style of ImaginaCiencia, and whose primary focus was to motivate students to marvel at nature’s wisdom and seek their inspirations in it.

In fact, the presentation left no one indifferent, and many of the attendees approached our young scientists for more information and to express their comments after the event. Without a doubt, it was a very successful day for ImaginaCiencia and its goal of bringing science closer to students in a simple and entertaining way.



Members of Imaginaciencia (Nicole Halçartégaray, Evelyn Menares, Nicole Rojas, Betsi Flores and Sebastián Valenzuela) delivering the National Science Week’s keynote address at the Library of Santiago.