Mario Rosemblatt, Executive Director of Fundación Ciencia & Vida, was invited by Fundación Puerto de Ideas to participate at the “III Festival de la Ciencia de Antofagasta”


Dr. Rosemblatt, a recognized Chilean immunologist, participated in a special panel with high-school teachers aimed at examining the new strategies used in the teaching of science to high-school students. Using the immunology game Xentinelas Xelulares and a Physiology and Anatomy simulator both developed by the Foundation’s Eureka team, Dr. Rosemblatt engaged teachers in a lively discussion about the question: ¿Why to use Games and Simulators to Teach Science?

Also, exploiting the free use of the immunology game Xentinelas Xelulares to enchant the audience, Dr. Rosemblatt involved children and their parents in a series of dialogues about the working of the immune system, the benefits of vaccines and the use of modern immunotherapies to treat immunological disorders.

This year the Antofagasta version of “Puerto de Ideas” took place between April 8 and 10, and gathered about 11,000 participants and more than 40 scientists and public figures around diverse themes such as astronomy, past and present of our desert, the secrets of our ocean, culture and gastronomy, the origin of language, among others.

Foto Puerto de Ideas

Mario Rosemblatt discussing about immunology with children and their parents at the “III Festival de la Ciencia de Antofagasta” organized by Fundación Puerto de Ideas.