uBiome, a San Francisco-based biotech company, initiated activities at Fundación Ciencia & Vida’s Science and Business Park


uBiome is a biotechnology company based in San Francisco, California, USA, that provides sequencing services to explore an individual’s microbiome. On December 16th, 2015 it opened a branch at the Science and Business Park of Fundación Ciencia & Vida.

Human microbiota performs essential functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins. Studies have also linked the microbiome to human mood and behavior, as well as gut health, human development and metabolic disorders.

Customers can purchase kits to sample one or more parts of their body, including the gut, genitals, mouth, nose, or skin and submit his or her microbiome. After swabbing, a participant takes a survey which is used to make correlations with microbiome data. The participant sends his kit in the mail and receives a set of data that can be compared with that of uBiome’s data set. uBiome is certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) which regulates laboratory testing and acceptance of human samples for diagnostic testing.

The Science and Business Park established at Fundación Ciencia & Vida since 2006 welcomes local and foreign scientific entrepreneurship. Today, our Science and Business Park is home of several international companies and start-ups, as well as local innovations operated by our researchers.

Foto uBiome

uBiome’s team and members of the Executive Board of Fundación Ciencia & Vida celebrating the inauguration of uBiome at the Science and Business Park.