Editorial Ciencia & Vida launches “Entremareas”, a book that invites people of all ages to explore the Chilean coastline and its inhabitants


On September 9, 2015 Editorial Ciencia & Vida launched “Entremareas, la cueca larga del litoral de Chile”. This book, that unfolds itself like a colorful accordion, is a celebration of our seashore, combining science, art and poetry. The book presents colorful illustrations of the flora and fauna representative of the Chilean coast designed by local artist María José Carmona with texts of the Chilean poet Floridor Pérez.

The reverse side contains scientific information on each one of the species depicted in the front and displays line drawing, as a coloring book for children and adults.

“The process of creating this book was a remarkable interdisciplinary work that invites the reader to uncover the wealth of our coast”, said Carolina Torrealba, Director of Editorial Ciencia & Vida and editor of the book.

Juan Carlos Castilla, ecologist, recipient of National Science Award and scientific editor of this book remarked: “Thanks to the joint work of scientists and fishermen, in Chile we have been pioneers in gradually getting to know our intertidal, and to respect and love it. ‘Entremareas’ is an invitation to rediscover this world and to marvel at it”.

Maria José Carmona, author of the book, commented: “From North to South thousands of kilometers of coastline accompany us, but too few people are aware of this wonderful ecosystem. Having this in mind is that ‘Entremareas’ was born, seeking to enchant others with this areas full of life, colors and textures“.

Entremareas, la cueca larga del litoral de Chile” is the third book of Editorial Ciencia & Vida, the publishing house of Fundación Ciencia & Vida. The special partnership with Fundación Cosmos has allowed both foundations to donate 1000 copies of the book to schools, children and institutions throughout Chile. The book, that can be found in all major bookstores, can also be accessed at the digital platform www.entremareas.cl, where supplementary material about the species is given, including an animated video, downloadable coloring sheets, and links to related sites to deepen the research on this ecosystem.


2015 Editorial Ciencia Vida launches book Entremareas

Entremareas, la cueca larga del litoral de Chile unfolds itself like a colorful accordion that combines science, art and poetry.