Bringing genetic engineering closer to Chilean Opinion Leaders


With an interesting dialogue between scientists and renowned Chilean opinion leaders regarding the importance of science and innovation for the country’s development, has completed a recent version of the Genetic Engineering Workshop for Opinion Leaders held at Fundación Ciencia para la Vida between 19 and 21 August.

Leading practitioners in areas as diverse as business, academia and communications, agreed on the importance for our country to link more closely the world of science and business and acknowledged the need to invest more capital in research and development.

During three days eighteen opinion leaders dressed in Lab coats, performed molecular biology experiments, where, among other activities created a fluorescent-cell and listened attentively to the presentations by the researchers and directors of Fundación, Dr. Bernardita Méndez and Dr. Pablo Valenzuela. As usual, these talks led to interesting debates.

The participants agreed on the importance of the wide dissemination of science and technology for the development of our country. For Juan Andrés Camus, President of Celfin Capital, “it is fascinating to have a place like Fundación Ciencia para la Vida in Chile, where science and technology meet perfectly. A good educational system is needed in order to take countries like Chile into the knowledge economy. That is the way to a prosperous futre and Fundación is taking a key role in that”, he said.

María Elena Wood, Director of Programming at Televisión Nacional de Chile TVN, emphasizes that “this experience opened my mind to a field of knowledge that I knew it existed, but having done the workshop, my perception is now completely different. It is a great incentive to undertake projects that combine economic impact, science and communications”.

For Nicolás Shea, Innovation Advisor to the Ministry of Economy, the discussions generated by this workshop are in line with “the ministry’s objective to make Chile a center of innovation, ie, a place where talented people can join our economy, from any part of the world and contribute to the creation of a knowledge economy” he said.