Harvard Medical School’s Research Fellow gives keynote lecture on dendritic cells at Fundación


Dr. Roberto Maldonado, Posdoctoral Fellow at the medical school of Harvard University, visited Fundación last Friday April 16th, where he gave the lecture:“Induced tolerogenic dendritic cells initiate tolerance and de novo differentiation of regulatory T cells”.

Dr. Maldonado has developed his career in research, both in Europe and in the USA. He left his native Venezuela, in the early 90s, to study biology in Brussels at the Université libre de Bruxelles where later continued with a PhD in Immunology. At present, he is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard´s Medical School (HMS). He joined HMS after conducting research at the School of Public Health from the same University.

Dr. Maldonado at Fundación Ciencia para la Vida
Dr. Maldonado at Fundación Ciencia para la Vida