Five Projects of Fundación Distinguished in Book of Ministry of Economy


The book “70 Historias exitosas de Innovación y Ciencia”, edited by the Ministry of Economy of Chile highlighted the R&D work of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida. Of the 70 projects elected for the book, 5 are programs of the Fundación executed by groups directed by the following researchers: Luis Burzio, Mario Rosemblatt, Pablo Rosenblatt, Pablo Valenzuela and Vivian Wilhelm. In addition, the projects of scientists Enrique Brandan, Alfonso Gonzalez and Nibaldo Inestrosa of the MIFAB Institute of which the Fundación is a host institution, were also selected in this book. Furthermore, the book also highlights the work of Ariel Orellana who is a Research Associate at the Fundación, through the Basal Financing Program.