Programa Eureka provides science and technology audiovisual material to Municipalidad La Pintana, a low income county in Santiago


In order to contribute to  science and technology education in low-income sectors, Programa Eureka of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida, made available last December 17 a full set of audiovisual material for the Workshop on Experimental Sciences of La Pintana, involving twenty six science teachers of thirteen municipal local schools.

At the opening ceremony of the Workshop, led by La Pintana’s Mayor Jaime Pavez, Programa Eureka´s constant support and dissemination of science and technology was highlighted. Pablo Rosenblatt, director of Programa Eureka said that “the initiative of La Pintana is unique and worth noting, especially for a low income sector. At la Pintana, we need to motivate our children to be curious, as this triggers their knowledge development. ”

The aim of this Workshop on Experimental Sciences is to give students tools which will allow them  to live in harmony with their environment and to be prepared for scientific challenges, said Isaías Bolaños, director of the Museum for Science Initiative (ICM).   In addition he explained that, “it is necessary to train our teachers on new techniques and methodologies that will allow our children to leap forward into a knowledge society”.

Pablo Rosenblatt, Jaime Pavez, Isaías Bolaños
Pablo Rosenblatt, Jaime Pavez, Isaías Bolaños