One of New Zealand’s best known scientist visits Fundación Ciencia para la Vida looking for potential collaborations


Last Wednesday 17th December, Professor Peter Gluckman, Director of the Liggins Institute, New Zealand and Dr. Matthew O´Meagher from the New Zealand Embassy in Santiago visited Fundación to look into potential collaborations between the Liggins Institute and FCV. The approach was led by New Zealand’s Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Embassy in Chile.

Professor Gluckman is one of New Zealand’s best known scientists. His research focuses on understanding how a baby’s environment between conception and birth determines its childhood development and life. His research has won him numerous awards and international recognition including Fellowship of the Commonwealth’s most prestigious scientific organization, The Royal Society (London). He is the only New Zealander elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science (USA) and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Great Britain.

Professor Gluckman met with Dr. Pablo Valenzuela and a team of senior scientists of Fundación in order to explore potential areas of collaboration. After an interesting and colloquial conversation, both Dr Gluckman and Valenzuela agreed to work together towards developing new scientific awareness initiatives that could be carried out between the Liggins Institute and Fundación.