Dr. Jean Luc Darlix visits the Fundación


Dr. Jean Luc Darlix, an eminent virologist from the LaboRetro of the Unity for Human Virology of the National Institute of Health and Medical Investigation (INSERM), Lyon, France visited Fundación for the second time.

The work of Dr. Darlix is dedicated to understand the structure and replication of the HIV and hepatitis C viruses and the searching for antiviral drugs that inhibit their  replication. His work also includes the development of different lentiviral vectors, which are used worldwide to deliver genetic information into the genome of host cells.

During his visit Dr. Darlix gave a seminar on “Non-integrative lentiviral vectors and the impact of the viral protein VPX”. Furthermore, he agreed a collaboration with Dr. Nicole Tischler, Fundación’s leading Virologist, aimed at using lentiviruses for the characterization of the cell entry mechanism of hantaviruses. For this purpose a Ph.D. student of Universidad Andrés Bello, Nicolás Cifuentes –who is under Dr. Tischler’s supervision-  will be trained at Darlix’s lab in Lyon for over a month.