Fundación Extended its International Network Connections with Serbia


Serbia’s Ministry of Science’s Assistant Minister for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation, Víktor Nedovic, made an important visit to Fundación last Friday April 25, to start talks on  future bilateral cooperation and other European programs in the science and technology area.

Accompanied by Serbia’s Honorary Consul in Chile, Damir Solar, Nedovic held a meeting with the Director and Executive Director of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida, Pablo Valenzuela and Mario Rosemblatt, respectively.  On that occasion he was briefed on the activities that Fundación is currently involved with, and the support mechanisms available in Chile plus the technology and knowledge transfer strategies that are used in Fundación.

The meeting with Víktor Nedovic took place within the framework of his participation in the International  Congress on Food Engineering ICEF-10, held in Viña del Mar, on April 21-24.  He also held a meeting with Conicyt’s President, Vivian Heyl.