Chilean researchers and entrepreneurs come together


The meeting convened Bionexa’s Regional Directors to strengthen contacts with science-related researchers and companies in Chile. is a web based Scientific Collaboration Network that through education and active communications with its members promotes knowledge and technology transfer between Chilean researchers that live abroad and the investigators and companies of scientific base that exist in Chile. This initiative was created by Chilean researchers and entrepreneurs who have spent most of their professional careers abroad.

This was Bionexa’s first meeting in Chile that assembled most of its management team: Cristián Hernández, Executive Director; Filippo Pacciarini, International Collaborations Director (UK), Carolina Cortés, Communications Director (Chile), and Bionexa’s Regional Directors: Claudia Benavente (U.S.A), Bernardita Araya (UK) and Álvaro Martínez (France).

Executive Director, Cristián Hernández noted that “this meeting was gathered to discuss the best strategies to develop and strengthen Bionexa through its scientific collaboration networks throughout the world”. Also, in his address, Dr. Filippo Pacciarini stressed that “the creation of dynamic networks in science laboratories is essential for international collaboration, because it multiplies the possibilities for collaboration among academic and industrial sectors”.

The meeting also discussed the experiences of Regional Directors, as well as different ways to strengthen this growing scientific community, its challenges and how it can work to enhance and expand applied science in Chile.


Bionexa Team during their visit to Fundación Ciencia para la Vida.
From left to right: Claudia Benavente, Regional Director USA; Bernardita Araya, Regional Director UK; Cristián Hernández, Executive Director, Carolina Cortés, Communications Director; Álvaro Martínez, Regional Director France; Filippo Pacciarini, International Collaborations Director.