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Cancer is a group of life-threatening diseases characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Conventional oncology treatments are not curative in advanced stages of the disease and often result in severe adverse side effects. Cancer immunotherapy, which harnesses the ability of the immune system to eliminate cancer cells, has emerged as a new way to treat cancer patients with improved efficacy and fewer side effects. We are investigating how a specific type of immune cell, called T cells, can recognize and eliminate cancer cells to provide long-lasting protective immunity. Our research focuses on deciphering the molecular and cellular networks that underlie effective T cell-mediated immunity against solid tumors and metastases. Ultimately, we aim to use this knowledge to improve cancer immunotherapy in the future.

  • Research Head: Alvaro Lladser, PhD
  • Research Associates: Vincenzo Borgna, MD, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Fellows: Sofía Hidalgo, PhD • Farides Saavedra, PhD • Andrés Hernández-Oliveras, PhD • Diego Figueroa, PhD • Ximena López, PhD
  • Doctoral Students: Vincenzo Benedetti • Marco Fraga • Sergio Hernández
  • Magister Students: Juan Pablo Vega
  • Undergraduate Students: Javiera Reyes • Felipe Ardiles
  • Research Assistants: Vicente Saavedra

  • Valentina Retamal (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2022)
  • Francisca Hofmann (Magister student, graduated in 2022).
  • Pablo Contreras (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2022).
  • Brian Sirguiado (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2021).
  • Pablo Cáceres (Magister student, graduated in 2019), currently research assistant at Universidad Mayor, Chile.
  • Evelyn Menares (PhD student, graduated in 2019), currently at Becton Dickinson, Chile.
  • Juan Saavedra (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2019), currently PhD student at Universidad de Chile, Chile.
  • Javiera Gómez (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2019).
  • Felipe Gálvez (Undergraduate student and PhD student, graduated in 2018), currently Postdoctoral Fellow at University College London, UK.
  • Ernesto López (Undergraduate student and Magister student, graduated in 2018), currently Postdoctoral Fellow at The Institute of Cancer Research, UK.
  • Ornella Chovar (Magister student, graduated in 2018), currently PhD student at Universidad San Sebastian, Chile.
  • Sebastián Cruz (Undergraduate student and Magister student, graduated in 2017), currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University.
  • Nicole Rojas (PhD student, graduated in 2016), currently at FONDEF, ANID, Chile.
  • Eduardo Durán (Magister student, graduated in 2016), currently at Instituto de Salud Publica, Chile.
  • Camila Flores (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2016), currently research assistant at Achilles Therapeutics, London, UK.
  • Nicole Araya (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2016), currently at Microx, Chile.
  • Paola Murgas (Postdoctoral fellow 2012-2016), currently at Universidad Austral, Chile.
  • César Oyarce (PhD student, graduated in 2015), currently scientist at HUB Organoids, Netherlands.
  • Maarten Ligtenberg (PhD student, graduated in 2015), currently CEO and Co-founder at Immagene, Netherlands.
  • Nicolás Bustamante (Magister student, graduated in 2014).
  • Andrés Herrada (Postdoctoral fellow 2011-2012), currently group leader at Universidad Autónoma, Talca, Chile.
  • Jonathan Roco (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2012), currently postdoctoral fellow at John Curtin School for Medical Research, Australia.
  • Paula González (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2012), currently postdoctoral fellow at John Curtin School for Medical Research, Australia.

National Collaborations:
• Dr. Rodrigo Pacheco (Fundación Ciencia & Vida, Universidad San Sebastián).
• Dr. Hugo González (Fundación Ciencia & Vida).
• Dr. Manuel Varas (Universidad San Sebastián).
• Dr. Flavio Salazar (Universidad de Chile).
• Dr. Daniela Sauma (Universidad de Chile).
• Dr. Fabiola Osorio (Universidad de Chile).

International Collaborations:
• Dr. Eliane Piaggio (Curie Institute, France).
• Dr. Sergio Quezada (University College London, UK).
• Dr. Felipe Gálvez-Cancino (University College London, UK).
• Dr. Rolf Kiessling (Karolinska Institute, Sweden).
• Dr. Andreas Lundqvist (Karolinska Institute, Sweden).


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Principal investigator

Álvaro Lladser, PhD