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Functional Analysis of the Subunits of the Chromatin Assembly Factor RSF


ABSTRACT: The human ISWI-containing factor RSF (for remodeling and spacing factor) is composed of two subunits: the ATPase hSNF2H and p325 (Rsf-1), a protein encoded by a novel human gene. We previously showed that RSF mediates nucleosome deposition and generates regularly spaced nucleosome arrays. Here we report the characterization of the largest subunit of RSF, Rsf-1. We found […]

Loyola A., Huang J. Y., LeRoy G., Hu S., Wang Y-H., Donnelly R. J., Lane W. S., Lee S-C., Reinberg D. Functional analysis of the subunits of the chromatin assembly factor RSF. Mol. Cell. Biol. 23(19): 6759–6768 (2003)
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