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The focus of our lab is the family of noncoding mitochondrial RNAs (ncmtRNAs) and their role in cancer
and other diseases. This family comprises sense (SncmtRNA) and antisense members (ASncmtRNAs).
When the latter are targeted by small DNA drugs (ASOs), cancer cells undergo massive death while
normal cells remain mostly alive. This is the basis for a completed and an ongoing clinical trial. We are
exploring the mechanisms of this selective response in tumor and normal cells and we are currently
studying the effects of this treatment on the response to DNA-damaging agents in order to project an
application as coadjuvant in chemo- and radio-therapy with the aim of minimizing undesirable side
effects of classical treatments. We are also studying these RNAs as possible targets in antiviral therapies.

Teléfono: 56 2 2367 2070

Research Head: Verónica Burzio, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Students: Manuel Muñoz

  • Christopher Fitzpatrick PhD (Former Master’s and PhD Student and Post-doctoral fellow, 2009 – 2021).
    Post-doctoral fellow at Université Paris-Saclay/INRAE, France
  • Macarena Briones MSc (Former Master’s student and Lab Manager, 2010 – 2021). Educator at Bio-Class,
  • Nicole Farfán (Former PhD student, 2015 – 2018) Post-Doctoral fellow at Universidad del Desarrollo,
  • Nicole Sanhueza (Former Master’s student, 2018 – 2020). PhD Student at Pontificia Universidad Católica
    de Chile.
  • Javier Rosas (Former Undergraduate Student, 2019). PhD student at UNAB.
  • Francisca Cárcamo (Former Undergraduate Student, 2019).
  • Maximiliano Bendek (Former PhD student, 2014 – 2019)
  • Diego Peña (Former Undergraduate student, 2018 – 2019). Lab assistant at Fundación Ciencia &Vida.

National Collaborations

  • Dr. Julio Tapia (University of Chile, Santiago, Chile)
  • Dr. Gabriela Zavala (Cells For Cells, Santiago, Chile)

International Collaborations

  • Dr. Eric Barrey (Université Paris-Saclay/INRAE, Jouy-en-Josas, France)
  • Dr. Christopher Fitzpatrick (Université Paris-Saclay/INRAE, Jouy-en-Josas, France)
  • Dr. Andrés Caicedo (Universidad San Francisco de Quito; Mito-Act Research Consortium; Quito, Ecuador)


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Principal investigator

Verónica Burzio

56 2 2 367 2070