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Verónica Burzio


Verónica Burzio is a Biochemist from the Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia, Chile, 1993), where she carried out her undergraduate Thesis in the lab of Dr. Luis O. Burzio in cloning of polyphenolic proteins from Chilean mussels. She then carried out her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and Neuroscience at the Universidad de Chile, where she performed her Thesis under the guidance of Dr. Jorge Allende on the cellular, catalytic and structural properties of the 4 splicing variants of Zebrafish Protein Kinase CK1 (Casein Kinase 1), where she obtained her degree in 2003. After completing her Thesis in 2002, she started out as Post-doctoral fellow at the Fundación Ciencia & Vida and, since 2009, has been an Associate Researcher at the Fundación and of the newly-created Spin-Off company, Andes Biotechnologies SpA. Dr. Burzio has also been a Professor in Cell Biology and Human Molecular Genetics at the Universidad Andrés Bello (Santiago, Chile) since 2004, where she started as Adjunct Professor and, since 2018 is Associate Professor of the Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty for Life Sciences.
Her current research is focused on the role of noncoding mitochondrial RNAs (ncmtRNAs) in cancer, DNA damage and viral infection.