Mónica Otero


Associated Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design at the University of San Sebastián and Associated Investigator at the Center Ciencia & Vida. Graduated in Computer Science from the University of Habana in Cuba, 2008 and with a PhD in Electronic Engineering from the Technical University Federico Santa María in Chile, 2020. Her investigation interests are in the research area of Computational Neuroscience and Bioengineering, focusing on the modelling of brain dynamics at different scales, the study of brain oscillations and their functionality in the brain and the use of periodic stimulation for the entrainment of neural oscillations. Her investigation involves using electrophysiological recordings and modelling tools with the aim of contributing to the enhancement of sensory stimulation techniques. Currently, she is working on large scale brain networks models to study the basis of neuro-stimulation and their supporting mechanisms such as entrainment and neuronal plasticity.