E-mail: mrbono@uchile.cl

Maria Rosa Bono Merino, PhD


Professor María Rosa Bono is a full professor at the University. She obtained her Ph.D. in Physical-Chemistry at the University of Paris, France, in 1977. In 1978, she received a fellowship from DGRST, France, that allowed her to start postdoctoral studies in the field of immunology at Hôpital Saint Louis, Paris, France. Then she got a Research Fellow at Harvard University in Dr. Jack Strominger’s lab to work on the biochemistry of histocompatibility antigens. After a fruitful three-year postdoctoral training, she got a permanent position at CNRS France and joined the group of Dr. Marc Fellous at Pasteur Institute, Paris, France. In 1991 Dr. Bono accepted a position at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile to teach immunology and to create a laboratory for immunology research. Since then, she has mentored numerous undergraduate and graduate students. Many former students conduct immunology research at major international centers, while others are leaders of highly productive national laboratories at Chilean universities. She has earned numerous grants from national and international agencies. Dr. Bono was Chairman of the Biology Department at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Chile, and has participated in numerous scientific committees and Societies. She has been the President of the Chilean Society of Cell Biology and the Chilean Society of Immunology.