Position: Director Citometry and Cell Sorter

María José Fuenzalida

Director Citometry and Cell Sorter


María José carried out her undergraduate studies in Molecular Biotechnology Engineer at Universidad de Chile, graduating in 2018. Her thesis work performed under the direction of Dra. María Rosa Bono, related to the study of the role of B and T cells lymphocytes present in the thymus of mice in the development of lupus.

In 2017 Ms. Fuenzalida was appointed Director of the Cytometer Facilities at Fundación Ciencia & Vida. During the last few years, she has participated in various cytometry workshops organized by Beckton Dickinson and Thermo Fisher, specializing in multiparametric flow cytometry, flow cytometry applications and cell sorting. Presently, she teaches twice a year a workshop on the theoretical and practical aspects of Flow Cytometry for new students and researchers in Fundacion Ciencia & Vida.