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Weekly seminar: Thursday, May 22

Laboratory of Neuroimmunology First presentation:  Dopamine receptor D3 expressed in CD4+ T-cells  favors Th1 mediated immunity, by Francisco Contreras. Second presentation: Stimulation of glial dopamine receptor D3 constributes tothe neuroinflammatory process associated to Parkinson’s disease, by Andro Montoya.

Weekly seminar: Thursday, May 15

Laboratory of Neuroinmunology Introduction by Rodrigo Pacheco: Dopaminergic regulation of T-­‐cell mediated immunity. First presentation: Role of dopamine receptor D5 expressed in CD4+ T-cells in the development and pregression of multiple sclerosis, by Francisco Osorio. Second presentation: Involvement of dopamine receptor D5 in the inflammatory reflex associated to septic shock, by Daniela Elgueta.

Weekly seminar: Thursday, june 19

Mitochondrial Non-coding RNAs Laboratory. Introduction to Laboratory research topic by Verónica Burzio. ncmtRNAs expression pattern in biopsies of human tissue at different stages of cervical cancer progression, by Komal Dadlani. Primary culture of cervical cancer cells as a model for antisense treatment, by Rodolfo Ávila.

Ciencia hecha en Chile: Tuesday, May 13, 11.15am, Fundación Ciencia & Vida auditorium

“The Physics of Custody” by Andrés Gomberoff, PhD, Vice chancellor of Research and Graduate studies, Universidad Andrés Bello

Weekly seminar: Thursday, April 24

Laboratory of Molecular Virology First presentation: What is the role of the stem region of the Gc protein in the entrance and exit of Andes hantavirus in cells? by Fernando Villalón. Second presentation: Andes Hantavirus VLPs: platform for studying viral assembly and therapeutic applications by Natalia Salazar

Weekly seminar: Thursday, April 10

Laboratory of Immunology, introduction by Mario Rosemblatt. GSKJ4 promotes Treg differentiation and suppresive activity trough changes in DCs, by Cristian Doñas. Regulatory macrophages induce reprogramation of Th17 cells into Regulatory T cell, by Valeria Manríquez.

Weekly seminar: Thursday, April 17

Laboratory of Molecular Virology, introduction by Nicole Tischler. The stem region of the Gc protein is required for the fusion activity and the assembly of Andes hantavirus particle, by Ana Elola. Characterization of the transmembrane domain of the Gc protein of hantavirus Andes and its role during the process of membrane fusion, by Chantal Márquez.

2 de Diciembre de 2013

LA FUNDACIÓN CIENCIA & VIDA CUMPLE 15 AÑOS INNOVANDO Para celebrarlo, queremos invitarle a una fiesta de ciencia y amistad, en la que conversaremos con destacados científicos, emprendedores en biotecnología e inversionistas de capital de riesgo, y expertos en difusión y educación científica. Todos ellos han sido clave para implementar nuestro atajo hacia California y […]

August 1st

Weekly seminar: Bioinformatics and Genome Biology Introduction by David Holmes Evolution of rubrerythrins: inferences from phylogenetic and genomic approaches. Juan Pablo Cárdenas Stabilization of proteins in extreme thermo-acidic environments. Francisco Duarte

July 17th

Special Workshop: Applications on Flow cytometry Fundación Ciencia & Vida and BD Biosciences are inviting the scientific community to a special workshop on Wednesday the 17th 2013, on the latest advances and applications in flow cytometry. The workshop will include a detailed description of the use of BDTM ComBead Compensation System, Absolute cell counting system, […]

June 20

Weekly seminar: Bacterial RNAs and human diseases. Introduction by Pablo Valenzuela Seminar by Amir Shmaryahu