Fundacion Ciencia & Vida participates in Puerto de Ideas


“Puerto de Ideas” is a Festival that seeks to contribute to the democratization and decentralization of knowledge of excellence in our country. This Festival also promotes in our educational area to generate meaningful learning experiences for girls, boys, and young people.

In the last version of the Festival, carried out in Valparaiso, on November 8 – 14, Dr. Soledad Matus interviewed Dr. David J. Anderson, who is a Professor of Biology at the California Institute of Technology, where he has his laboratory. The current focus of his research is on the neurobiology of emotion, studying the neural circuits underlying innate behaviors and associated emotional states, such as fear and defensive behaviors. In this activity, Anderson will describe a new approach to this problem, which makes it possible to study the neurobiology of emotional states in various species of animals without referring to subjective feelings. The interview addressed questions like, How can we study the internal states of an animal if we do not know if they have subjective feelings?

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