Researchers from Fundacion Ciencia & Vida publish a study in one of the Nature Portfolio journals


The research groups of Fundacion Ciencia & Vida led by Dr. Mario Rosemblatt, Dr. Alejandra Loyola and Dr. Rodrigo Pacheco published a study in which they report how the epigenetic modification of dendritic cells induces the de novo production of retinoic acid, exerting a therapeutic effect on intestinal inflammation.
Doñas C., Neira J., Osorio-Barrios F., Carrasco M., Prado C., Loyola A., Pacheco R. and Rosemblatt M. (2021) “The demethylase inhibitor GSK-J4 limits inflammatory colitis by promoting de novo synthesis of retinoic acid in dendritic cells”. Nature Scientific Reports. 11(1):1342. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-79122-3.