Fundación Ciencia & Vida creates “Constellation Program”


In an effort to promote border research in basic sciences and their biotechnological applications, Fundación Ciencia & Vida has instituted “CONSTELLATION”. This is a special program through which exceptional young researchers, established in Chile or abroad, are integrated into Ciencia & Vida as Adjunct Professors ad-honoremto collaborate with the teaching and research efforts of our organization and to receive our support in their academic and business activities. The initiative’s goal is to enrich the universe of possibilities for our students and encourage them to think globally.

In its start-up stage, this program recognizes 13 outstanding Chilean scientists, many of them former Ciencia & Vida’s collaborators, who have distinguished themselves internationally for their results as researchers or as entrepreneurs. We appreciate their trust in our institution and welcome them with open arms.

You can read more information about the Program by clicking here.