Andes Biotechnologies was awarded a CORFO grant


Andes Biotechnologies is a leading nucleic acid-based drug discovery and
development company specializing in solid tumor cancers. Currently
established at our Science & Business Park, the company branched off of
GrupoBios and Fundación Ciencia & Vida in 2008.

Recently, Andes Biotechnologies was awarded a CORFO grant for their
project “Preliminary efficacy studies of the drug Andes 1537 in cancer
patients to accelerate their pharmaceutical development and transfer to the
market”. This grant corresponds to the CORFO grant category “Business
Innovation of High Technology”, in which only seven projects were approved
out of more than 100 applicant projects.

The proprietary technology developed by Andes Biotechnologies is based on
oligonucleotide drugs that target the novel long non-coding regulatory RNAs
in tumor cells inducing apoptosis. Its lead drug, Andes 1537, has already been
tested in animal cancer models, in which the treatment has proven both
universal and innocuous. Moreover, Andes 1537 selectively destroys the
tumors, leaving normal cells virtually intact. In September of 2015, Andes
Biotechnologies received the green light from the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) to start Phase I clinical trials at the University of
California in San Francisco.

The company is supported by a proven and experienced management team,
a robust network of key national and international collaborators in the
cancer field, and has an extensive intellectual property portfolio.