Fundación Ciencia & Vida collaborates with the National Library of Chile in an initiative to gather the work of pioneers in Chilean science


One of the aims embraced by Fundación Ciencia & Vida is to contribute to the
building of a scientific culture in Chile. We often forget that scientific work is
intimately intertwined with the history of our country. That is why we seek to give
visibility to Chilean science and its main characters through a new collaboration
project with the National Library of Chile and its digital archive “Memoria Chilena”
(“Chilean memory”).

Memoria Chilena is a digital resource center of the National Library of Chile that
offers documents and contents related to key issues that make up our cultural
identity. The success of the platform is reflected in its more than 400,000 users,
who download more than 850,000 documents monthly, thus to a large extent
fulfilling the dream of a National Library accessible to all citizens.

Currently, four mini-sites are already available, which include the work of the
scientists Alejandro Lipschütz Friedmann (1883-1980), Héctor Croxatto Rezzio
(1908-2010), Joaquín Luco Valenzuela (1913-2002) and Osvaldo Cori Moully
(1921-1987). We hereby invite you to discover, through documents and
photographs, the life and thought of some protagonists of our history and scientific

We want to thank those who have made this work possible, especially to those
who have given up the rights of the documents for their free publication, which from
now on will be a click away from all Chileans.