Fundación Ciencia & Vida launches the third season of the successful TV Series “Mentes Brillantes”


At an event in our Science and Business Park, Fundación will launch on April 5th, a new season of the documentary series “Mentes Brillantes”. This popular series portraits the life and work of Chilean National Science Award winners, who have left an indelible mark on national and international science.

After the success of the two previous seasons, “Mentes Brillantes 3” will once again captivate audiences with an intimate journey through the lives and accomplishments of Chile’s most outstanding scientists. Through 10 episodes of 26 minutes each, the series combines docureality with interviews, illustrations, photographs and films of 10 Chilean scientists, resulting in an outstanding aesthetic and emotional production. Together, the episodes manage to strengthen our sense of identity from a creative and enriching look.

This time the series include the biographies of the following 10 National Science Awards winners: Humberto Maturana, José María Maza, Miguel Kiwi, José Miguel Aguilera, Manuel del Pino, Ligia Gallardo, José Rodríguez, Mario Hamuy, Jorge Mardones and Joaquín Luco.

“Mentes Brillantes 3” is a joint production of the Eureka Program of Fundación Ciencia & Vida and Imago Producciones, with the sponsorship of the National Television Council and UCVTV. The series will be broadcasted from Saturday, April 15 at 18 h on UCVTV.

We invite you to watch a trailer of the third season by clicking here.