Phage Technologies will benefit from Corfo’s Scale Up-Expansion program


Phage Technologies is a biotech start-up company that spun-off from our Science and Business Park. It discovers and develops novel uses of bacteriophages as feed and food supplements in order to prevent bacterial contamination. Phage Tech’s flagship product is Milkeeper S, a carefully selected cocktail of phages that prevent the colonization of the digestive tract of dairy livestock by pathogenic bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella.

Phage Technologies will benefit from Corfo’s Scale Up-Expansion program, an initiative that provides funding and support for the development and growth of dynamic ventures that have concluded with the establishment and implementation stages. The program is aimed at innovative enterprises with high potential for growth. Phage was awarded one of the 12 grants conferred out of more than 200 applicants.

“This financing will allow us to introduce, together with Bayer Animal Health, Milkeeper S in Latin America during 2017. Our target countries are Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. In addition, we will initiate FDA filings for the same product in the US”, says Hans Pieringer, CEO at Phage Technologies. “According to recent interviews we had in different countries, we are convinced that Milkeeper S will have a privileged place in the global veterinary industry”.


The team of Phage Technologies was awarded a grant from Corfo’s Scale Up-Expansion program.