Fundación Ciencia y Vida and Editorial Catalonia launch a new collection of books of scientific popularization


In an event teeming with young scientists and students, Fundación Ciencia & Vida together with Editorial Catalonia, launched on November 30th the Ciencia & Vida Collection, aimed at gathering a series of assays to encourage a public discussion on the value of science as well as to promote scientific popularization.

With the first title “Manifiesto por la Ciencia, un nuevo relato para la ciencia en Chile” (“A Science Manifesto. A new account of Chilean Science”) by Pablo Astudillo, the Editors present a critical and careful analysis of our recent history in matters of scientific policy that invites the scientific, academic and public policy community to engage in an informed and responsible discussion in a fundamental moment for the institutional future of the discipline in our country. In its preface, Professor Bruce Alberts, former editor-in-chief of the journal Science and past president of the US National Academy of Sciences, stated: “An indispensable book for all who are interested in the future of Chile”.

Pablo Astudillo, a young scientist and one of the founders of the “Más Ciencia para Chile” (“More Science for Chile”) movement, whose objective is to promote a discussion about the needs for greater support for Chilean science, declared: “It seems to me that Chilean science is living a crucial moment. In that sense, this essay is an invitation to discuss this topic”.

During the book launching ceremony, Cecilia Hidalgo, recipient of the National Science Award, and Cristóbal Undurraga, advisor for the Chilean Association of Entrepreneurs and of the think tank Horizontal concurred that this book is a fundamental input in the urgent discussion Chileans need to engage on the topic of science.

“With this title and future ones, the Ciencia & Vida Collection seeks to delight the community with the world of science, its ideas, impact and challenges”, says Carolina Torrealba, Director of New Projects at Fundación Ciencia & Vida and Chief Editor of the collection. “Science has been too far away from the local publishing sector. We hope to fill that void”, says Arturo Infante, Director of Catalonia and co-editor of the collection.

The cover of the present book as well as of future issues are the work of Alberto Montt, a renowned Chilean artist and illustrator.

The book “Manifiesto por la Ciencia, un nuevo relato para la ciencia en Chile” is available at bookstores throughout the country and at the website


During the launching ceremony of the book “Manifiesto por la Ciencia, un nuevo relato para la ciencia en Chile”. From left to right: Cristóbal Undurraga (ASECH), Carolina Torrealba (Fundación Ciencia & Vida), Pablo Astudillo (author of the book, Fundación “Más Ciencia”), Cecilia Hidalgo (Universidad de Chile, National Science Award) and Arturo Infante (Editorial Catalonia).