Check out our new YouTube channel!!!


Fundación Ciencia & Vida created a new YouTube channel with audiovisual material developed by its several programs that now will be freely available through internet, and on a single platform. We have uploaded more than 100 science videos for kids, bio-entrepreneurs and the community at large!

As a part of our commitment to improve science education and awareness, our outreach program has produced a diversity of products and initiatives, including videogames, TV series, books, workshops, motivational talks, and a bus-mounted mobile laboratory, among others.

During our 20 years of existence, we have developed a variety of audiovisual material that will now be available on our YouTube channel, and thus easily accessed by students, teachers, opinion leaders, researchers and the community at large.

We are making a continuous effort aimed at facilitating public understanding of science and its applications and encouraging conscientious discussion of science’s value and place in our society. We hope our videos will contribute to these purposes.

You can visit our YouTube channel here.