“Biología en el Siglo XXI: Sociedad, genes e ideas”


As a closure event of the course “Comunicación y Liderazgo” (“Communication and Leadership”) by Fundación Ciencia & Vida y Universidad Andrés Bello, the students organized the symposium entitled: “Biología en el Siglo XXI: Sociedad, genes e ideas” (“Biology in the XXIst Century: Society, genes and ideas”) for this Friday July 22. This symposium is aimed at public that does not belong to the scientific area and want to delve into various topics of biology, especially those that currently have more impact on society.

This time issues related to immunology, microbiology and genetics will be discussed, but not before introducing the audience on the main objectives of biology as a discipline. We will also discuss how ideas and paradigms can change during the history of mankind.

The speakers range from undergraduate students to postdocs, all highly motivated to share their work and experiences with attendees.

The event will be held at 18:30 h in the auditorium of the 4th floor at Fundación Ciencia & Vida.