Fundación Ciencia & Vida receives the visit of a group of students and professors from Universidad de La Frontera


On Thursday June 23 we were visited by a group of fifth-year biochemistry students and two professors from Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) located at the southern city of Temuco. The objective of this visit was to present them different aspects of Fundación Ciencia & Vida for possible collaborations, research opportunities, internships or theses topics to be carried out in our laboratories.

Our Intramural Coordinator, Dr. Nicole Halçartégaray, was in charge of welcoming them and conducting an informative talk, in which she briefly described the mission of our Foundation and the research carried out in our laboratories and in our Science and Business Park. Moreover, she told them about our outreach programs such as the Eureka Program, the Genetic Engineering Workshop for Opinion Leaders, the Bus ConCiencia, the Editorial Ciencia & Vida and the ImaginaCiencia Program that aim at promoting scientific awareness and culturing in the society.

Later, the guests made guided visits to several of our laboratories, in which a young scientist in charge spoke about their research. They were greeted by Daniela Elgueta (Neuroimmunology Lab), Sergio Hernandez (Epigenetics & Chromatin Lab), Ernesto López (Gene Immunotherapy Lab), Dr. Amelina Albornoz and Nicolás Muena (Molecular Virology Lab), Christopher Fitzpatrick (Andes Biotechnologies) and Dr. Paz Reyes (Cytometer Facilities). The visits were organized in a manner that students and teachers from the UFRO could have enriching conversations with some of our younger members and get a fairly detailed overview of the work carried out at Fundación Ciencia & Vida.


Students and professors from the UFRO talking with Dr. Amelina Albornoz and Nicolás Muena from the Molecular Virology Lab.


Ernesto López speaking about the research conducted by the members of the Gene Immunotherapy Lab at Fundación Ciencia & Vida.