The third season of Ursi & Magnogeek, our favorite animated aliens, explore viruses and the wonders of the cell


“Ursi y Magnogeek, exploradores de otro mundo” (“Ursi and Magnogeek, explorers from another world”) is an animated TV series for children produced by the Eureka Program of Fundación Ciencia & Vida, that narrates the adventures of a funny alien and his smart robot who, after unexpectedly landing on Planet Earth, have to learn the functioning of the living organisms and its natural habitat.

In a joint initiative with Universidad Andrés Bello, the Explora Program of Conicyt, Programación Cultural y Educativa Novasur from Consejo Nacional de Televisión and the Programa de Investigación Asociativa (PIA) from CONICYT, the Eureka Program from Fundación Ciencia & Vida developed this dynamic ,animated television series with the aim to encourage kids – and maybe future scientists– to discover and value science.

To date, the TV series has received several national and international recognitions and awards. Pablo Rosenblatt, director of the Eureka Program produced this third season directed by Carlos Ulisse, and with the scientific advise of Alejandra Loyola and Mario Rosemblatt, researchers at Ciencia & Vida.

This third season, named “Los virus y las maravillas de la célula” (“Viruses and the wonders of the cell”) was released on June 18th and can be watched on open, regional and cable TV channels as well on internet educational platforms.