Tu ConCiencia visits rural School at María Pinto.


Our program intended at awakening and stimulating the curiosity and amazement of students and adults through the wonders of science continues to bring the marvel of scientific research to rural schools. Through motivational speeches, our young investigators show the human as well as the fun side of science.

One of the goals of the Tu ConCiencia initiative is to bring science and scientists closer to socioeconomically disadvantaged schools. In coordination with Explora Sur Poniente, Tu ConCiencia visited the “Liceo Polivalente María Pinto”, a rural school 80 km west of Santiago, where our young scientists premiered the new format of Tu ConCiencia’s activity.

More than 85 young high-school students were fascinated by the wonderful stories told by our young colleagues, as shown by their high degree of participation and interaction.

For more information please contact the Tu ConCiencia team at contacto@tuconciencia.cl