Ciencia & Vida Celebrates 10 Years Teaching Science to Chilean Opinion Leaders


Taller Líderes 2014

With the completion of “XII Workshop of Genetic Engineering for Opinion Leaders” Fundación Ciencia & Vida celebrated 10 years teaching science to Chile’s most influential leaders. Through this workshop, Fundación Ciencia & Vida has managed to persuade more than 200 national leaders from the economic, political, cultural and business worlds to put on a labcoat and get immersed in the experimental and conceptual world of science and genetic engineering.

To isolate and cut DNA, to sequence a gene and to produce a transgenic human cell were some of the experiments performed during the three half-days in the laboratory. Led by a group of researchers from Ciencia & Vida, these activities were intertwined with introductory basic concepts of genetic engineering as well as discussions on the present situation of Chilean science and the impact of science in developing countries.

With a mix of ages and a diversity of social and cultural professions this tenth edition of the workshop joined politicians, businessmen and investors, as well as representatives of the new emerging Chilean leadership,

For a press article recently published in “La Tercera” press here


This year our new graduates were:

  1. José Luis Arenas, CEO, Bio Hydro
  2. Héctor Balbontín, Investing Manager, Inversiones San Matías
  3. Ricardo Díaz, Investing Manager, Inversiones Monastir/CIFCO
  4. Esteban Domic, President, Domic S.A.
  5. Álvaro Farías, Producer and Cofounder, Docs4Change y FIIS
  6. Oliver Flögel, General Manager, Microsoft Chile
  7. Carla Guelfenbein, Writer
  8. Mauro Granese, Director of Public Policies, Evopoli
  9. Fernando Mendoza, CEO Nicolaides S.A.
  10. Santiago Montt, VP Legal-Copper, BHP Billiton
  11. Wilson Pais , Director of New Technologies, Microsoft Chile
  12. Raúl Rivera, Founder and President, Foro Innovación
  13. Karla Rubilar, Parlamentarian, Amplitud
  14. Carolina Schmidt, Executive Director, Teatro del Lago
  15. Chantal Signorio, President, Fundación Puerto de Ideas
  16. Julián Ugarte, Founder and Director, Socialab and IF
  17. Francisca Valenzuela, Songwriter and Performer

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