Pablo Valenzuela earned UC San Francisco’s highest honor “for advancing health worldwide”


Interim Chancellor Sam Hawgood, bestowed the UCSF Medal to four internationally renowned innovators and leaders – among them Dr. Pablo Valenzuela – for outstanding contributions in areas associated with UCSF’s mission to “advance health worldwide” at the 2014 Founders Day banquet. The celebration occurred at the San Francisco Palace Hotel on the evening of April 10. A committee composed of University members and others select the honorees annually.

The UCSF Medal recognized Dr. Valenzuela for his outstanding personal contributions as inventor of more than 30 granted patents; co-founder of Chiron Corporation; co-founder of Fundación Ciencia & Vida; co-inventor of the first recombinant vaccine against the Hepatitis B Virus; professor at Universidad Católica and Universidad Andrés Bello; executive president of GrupoBios and Andes Biotechnologies; and adjunct professor in the UCSF Department of Biochemistry.

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