Fundación Ciencia & Vida releases second part of documentary series Mentes Brillantes II (Outstanding Minds)


Following the success of the first season, which was distributed by several television channels and sold in the US and Argentina, Fundación premiered the television series “Mentes Brillantes II” (Outstanding Minds II), a co-production of the Eureka Program of Fundación Ciencia & Vida and Imago Producciones with the support of UCV Televisión and the National Television Council.

In ten chapters of 30 minutes each, family, friends and the scientists themselves – each a celebrity in its own field, recreate parts of their personal histories, through a combination of interviews, drawings, photographs and old movies.

The series aim is to bring to light Chilean science through their main protagonists. These new episodes are an intimate chronicle of National Science Laureates Jorge Allende, Juan Carlos Castilla, Patricio Felmer, Cecilia Hidalgo, Mary Kalin, Fernando Lund, Bernabé Santelices, Enrique Tirapegui, Ricardo Uauy and Andrew Weintraub.

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