President of Conicyt Visits Fundación


On Wednesday June 17th Vivian Heyl, President of Conicyt (National Commission of Science and Technology) visited Fundación Ciencia para la Vida, one of the eight beneficiaries of the Basal Financing Program for Scientific and Technological Centers of Excellence  (CCTE-PFB16).

Following the evaluation of the first year of activities, Vivian Heyl expressed her satisfaction with the progress of our Center and the leadership shown by the Fundación in the area of biotechnology. “I am very happy to see the results and advances of one of our scientific and technological centers of excellence and the outstanding outcome of our special financing program. I feel that there is a great contribution that the Fundación is making in terms of scientific development, development of human resources and in linking the worlds of science and business, along with their contribution to education and public dissemination of science”.

The President of Conicyt was accompanied by her CCTE Committee: Jani Brouwer (Basal Financing Program Coordinator), César Muñoz (Director of the Associative Research Program of Conicyt), Marcela Iglesias (Science-Industry Coordinator) and Juan Luis Soto (Coordinator of Center Evaluation).

Researchers of Fundación and Conicyt Committee
Researchers of Fundación and Conicyt Committee

The Basal Financing Program seeks to empower and strengthen Scientific and Technological Centers of Excellence (CCTE), that carry advanced research activities, development of human resources and technology transfer, and contribute to increase the competitiveness of the Chilean economy and the general development of our society.