Three investigators from the Fundación gave talks at the launching of a new Biomedical magazine


Researchers from the Fundación Ciencia para la Vida, Alejandra Loyola, Rodrigo Pacheco and Nicole Tischler were invited to officially launch the journal “Biomedical Science” in Concepción and Osorno. This magazine, which has a half-yearly circulation, is published by the Faculty of Health Sciences of Universidad San Sebastian with the goal of opening a new space of publication for the biomedical community.

On April 16th at the Concepción´s headquarters of Universidad San Sebastián, Alejandra Loyola PhD gave the talk, “Impact of changes in chromatin in the regulation of the human genome” and Nicole Tischler PhD presented the talk “Hanta virus infection and antiviral strategies”. On the other hand on May 8th at Universidad San Sebastián´s Campus Pilauco in Osorno city, Rodrigo Pacheco PhD, gave the lecture entitled “Impact of Immunology on human health”. Doctors Loyola, Pacheco and Tischler are investigators of the newly created “Centro de Biomedicina”, a joint program between the Universidad San Sebastián and the Fundación Ciencia para la Vida.