President of Corporación Biotec gave keynote lecture about Technological Innovation in Colombia


On Friday March 13, Myriam Sánchez, President of the Corporación Biotec of Colombia, visited the Fundación and gave a lecture describing the operational model that her Center has implemented in Cali, Colombia. Mrs. Sanchez also proposed to implement a scientific exchange program between our Fundación and her institution.

Corporación Biotec was established in 1995 with the primary objective of taking advantage of biotechnology and technological innovation to solve the needs of the bio-industry in Colombia and open new opportunities to farmers in the region. The corporation has become a real paradigm shifter in biotechnology, as one of its main strengths is the direct relationship with the farmers of the area who provide information to scientists and technicians, who after studying their requests in the laboratories recommend practical biotechnological solutions.

At present, Corporación Biotec is developing 13 projects. One of them is aimed at using the technology of “in Vitro Cycle Micrografting” in large plantations in the Cauca Valley of Colombia to increase the number and quality of Soursops, a tropical fruit produced in the region.

Cristián Hernández, Myriam Sánchez, Pablo Valenzuela
Cristián Hernández, Myriam Sánchez, Pablo Valenzuela