Universidad de Chile Awards Important Distinction to Executive Director of Fundación


Last Wednesday January 28 at 20:00 hrs.,the Faculty of Sciences of Universidad de Chile gave to Mario Rosemblatt the Scientific Award 2008, that distinction went in recognition of his vast experience as a researcher and teacher. The ceremony was held at the Swiss Club on the occasion of the anniversary number forty-four of the Faculty of Science of Universidad de Chile.

In addition, the paper made with six Chileans co-investigators, “Regulation of dendritic cell migration by CD74, the MHC class II-associated invariant chain (Science. 2008 Dec 12; 322 (5908) :1705-10), was published by the prestigious journal Science and has the participation of Maria Rosa Bono and Mario Rosemblatt, both researchers from the Fundación. This work was also highlighted in Nature Reviews Inmunology (Impact index: 28). This research work describes a novel mechanism linking the immune response to intracellular movement.