Dr. Rodrigo Mora from Harvard Medical School, Gives Seminar at Fundación


On Friday December 12th, Dr. Rodrigo Mora from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital, gave a lecture on the mechanisms that regulate the lynphocyte homing In the recently inaugurated Multimedia Facility of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida .  He presented unpublished data on the role that pathogens and stromal cells have in the induction of T cell homing to the intestine.

Dr. Mora is a former student and current collaborator of Mario Rosemblatt (FCV’s Executive Director) and María Rosa Bono (Immunology Lab., Universidad de Chile). Presently, he directs the main immunology lab at the Gastrointestinal Unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital of the Harvard Medical School(HMS)  where  he was recently given  the “Howard H. Goodman Award”, in recognition for his outstanding research.  This award represents a substantial financial contribution to his research activities since it provides US$ 150,000 per year for two years to cover research and other expenses.