Dr. Mario Rosemblatt, Executive Director of Fundacion Ciencia para la Vida is nominated Adjunct Professor at Dartmouth University


In a recent decision, the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth Medical School, one of the most prestigious Medical Schools in the United States, has recently appointed Dr. Rosemblatt as Adjunct Professor of Microbiology and Immunology. As stated in the School’s Web page …”Building on a legacy of excellence and collaboration, Dartmouth Medical School, United States’s fourth-oldest medical school, cultivates leaders of vision and virtuosity who are transcending boundaries to transform medicine and science. It draws on the world-class resources for broad interdisciplinary programs in biomedical research, education, patient care and service”.

Dr. William Green, Dean of the Medical School congratulated Dr Rosemblatt on his appointment and underlined the aspiration of the school that his appointment will help to “substantially strengthen our educational and research programs”. Dr. Rosemblatt has a long-standing research collaboration with Professor Randolph Noëlle of this University on the subject of control of the immune response. Several of his Chilean students are currently working in Dr. Noelle’s laboratory as part of an exchange program between the Fundacion and Dartmouth.

Medical School Science Building
Medical School Science Building