Young Associated Researcher of Fundación is awarded the L’Oreal Prize


Last Tuesday September 2nd, the beauty and cosmetics company gave the renowned L’Oreal Prize to Daniela Sauma, a PhD student at the Faculty of Science at the University of Chile, who is being co-supervised by the Immunologist Dr. Maria Rosa Bono and by the Executive Director of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida, Dr. Mario Rosemblatt. The award was given as a result of Sauma’s promising research, both in terms of its originality and relevance to Chile.

Sauma’s research aims to study the connection between Immunology and Developmental Biology. Her work is certainly unique in the country and seeks to ascertain basic and unexplored aspects that are related to the mechanisms that the immune system uses to “decide” the best biological strategy to eliminate the different types of pathogens to which we are exposed during our development. In addition to this recognition, in 2006, Daniela was honored by the Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chile with the Dr. Hermann Niemeyer Medal for being the best PhD student of that year.

Mario Rosemblatt, Daniela Sauma and Maria Rosa Bono.
Mario Rosemblatt, Daniela Sauma and Maria Rosa Bono.